Middle East Retail Banking Awards

Thursday, 5th September 2024

17:30hrs till 19:30hrs


The Middle East Retail Banking Awards have been established to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of various organizations, associations, and service providers within the realm of retail banking and payments in the Middle East. This prestigious event aims to honor the trailblazers and forward-thinkers who are pushing the boundaries to transform the financial services landscape in the region. Our focus is on those individuals and entities that are making finance more accessible, innovative, convenient, and affordable in the Middle East.

We commend the brilliant minds that are driving advancements in Fintech across all aspects of retail banking and payments, be it through pioneering start-ups, established banks, or technology solution providers. The groundbreaking research and technological innovations emerging from these entities deserve the spotlight, as they play a crucial role in fostering digital inclusion and shaping the future of financial services in the Middle East.

The Middle East Retail Banking Awards serve as a benchmark for excellence, inspiring other organizations, and startups to strive towards their own goals of enhancing the retail banking and payments landscape. This exclusive award ceremony is dedicated to recognizing the trendsetters who are making a significant impact on the industry within the Middle East, setting a standard for excellence that others can aspire to achieve.

  • 17:30 Registration & Networking
  • 18:00 Opening Remarks by the EMCEE
  • 18:10 Welcoming Address by the Host
  • 18:20 Award Ceremony
  • 19:20 Closing Remarks by the EMCEE
  • 19:30 Close of the Awards Ceremony

Networking Gala-Dinner Reception